23 July 2017
A Very Successful Launch of the Glasgow School of Arts' Students Exhibition in Helensburgh

Friday 21st July saw the Opening of the GSA students’ Exhibition in Helensburgh organised by the Helensburgh Community Council. The event was opened by Professor Alistair Payne, the Head of the Fine Arts Department of the GSA who was pleased that the students of the M.Litt course of the Department were displaying their work in Helensburgh.

He indicated that the School places great importance on the opportunity offered to the students of presenting their art to an audience other than academic, and stated that the School would have an interest in returning to Helensburgh next year.

A spectacular display structure for the Exhibition was put together from scratch by a team of specialists from the Fine Arts Department including John Quinn the Academic Manager and Mick McGraw, GSA staff member and well-known Helensburgh resident.

Some twenty students had set up their displays. The work included fascinating pieces ranging from thought-provoking paintings to dynamic structures that change perspective both in space and time; impressive collages; photos taken by a pin-hole camera, and other three dimensional arrangements. All reflected amazing skills, dexterity and imagination. The Exhibition was full of light, colour, sound and movement, showcasing the best from the GSA.

This is the first occasion that such an event has been held in Helensburgh, and the town is proud to host such an important representation of the budding talent of artists.

The visitors were enthralled by the presentations, fascinated and intrigued by the art work and look forward to a similar Exhibition in the future.

The Exhibition was organised in parallel with a similar event in the Mackintosh Club in Helensburgh, where a subset of displays was also on show.

HCC is grateful for the support provided by the Deli in the Square that sponsored the lunches for the GSA students presenting their work at the Exhibition.

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