09 February 2022
February 2022 Update

Our news feed on the website has been poor throughout the pandemic and we are making amends from now on. Here are some of the main issues that we are dealing with at the moment. Further information will be forthcoming, but if you wish to raise queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the website.

Water and Sewage Support in Helensburgh

Helensburgh Community Council received an online briefing from Scottish Water on Wednesday 2 February 2022. The aim of the briefing was to investigate if the existing water infrastructure was currently functional and would remain robust enough to cater for the significant housebuilding projects in the town that are coming online now and in the future. The discussion was wide-ranging and informative. The main elements were;

  • The water and sewage systems in the town are able to sustain current and future housebuilding projects.
  • 80% of the waste water, including rainfall, and sewage outflow in the town are discharged via a combined system. Scottish Water no longer uses this system, and so for current and future new builds water running off from roads, roofs, etc. will go into burns, while sewage, etc. is sent to the treatment plant near Ardmore.
  • The overall system is constantly monitored and assessed via a Strategic Drainage Impact Assessment annually and reviewed every five years.
  • Future works involving a Rising Main replacement project at Suffolk St was noted.
  • The environmental issues affecting waste systems discharging into the Clyde Estuary are now of major importance and Scottish Water are engaging with SEPA in a major environmental study in the Clyde Estuary. Helensburgh Community Council and Plastic Free Helensburgh indicated their willingness to assist in any way.
  • It was pointed out that not all properties in the locality are connected to the sewage system, and that there may be some that discharge directly into the sea, particularly outside Helensburgh. Tidal flows, etc. may well bring these sewage discharges onto Helensburgh beach, even though they did not originate here. One positive assistance would be to identify any local areas of the beach area suffering from sewage detritus. These can be registered with Scottish Water with the aim of hunting down the source of the discharge in the sewage management system.

Hermitage Park

It is widely known that the Friends of Hermitage Park have terminated their association with the Park authority. Although much of the renovation work has taken place, the Memorial Garden has yet to be improved and restored. At the January meeting of Helensburgh Community Council, it was agreed that Helensburgh Community Council would undertake the coordination of the action to do this. Helensburgh Community Council also agreed to safeguard in its bank account any donations made by individuals earmarked specifically for the garden restoration. Action will start once conformity with existing plans and Heritage Lottery conditions have been confirmed.

The aim will be to harness community expertise particularly from interested horticulturalists and the Helensburgh Horticultural Society to arrive at a consensual agreement of a garden plan. This will be followed by the difficult part of funding and implementing the plan.

Education Change Programme – Educating Educators

There is considerable concern being expressed on an Argyll and Bute Council survey on what’s been labelled the Education Change Programme which is currently in circulation. It is a complex issue and raises more questions than gives answers. Helensburgh Community Council has no expertise in this area and can only provide a forum for discussion in the town in order to collate questions and concerns that our local teachers, PTAs and parents have raised. These can then be forwarded to Argyll and Bute Council for consideration and scrutiny. We are working on the best approach to this and will post more details soon.

Vision for Helensburgh

After many months of gathering, collating and interpreting the views of the people of Helensburgh on the future of the town, the pandemic struck. Two years later and the exhibition of the initial findings will take place in the Victoria Halls on the 12/13 March. You can get more detail on the overall Vision for Helensburgh project but the potential of Helensburgh cannot be realised without the help of the community to give their views for the future direction of the town, so mark the dates in your calendar and come along.

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