Visions for Helensburgh

12th March, 11am - 6pm
13th March, 11am - 4pm

Victoria Halls, Helensburgh

We all have a stake in the future of Helensburgh. We need your voice to make sure
that the future benefits everyone who lives and visits our town. Creating a vision for Helensburgh is a task for the whole community, and we want you to have your say on how the town is shaped for its people and its visitors for subsequent

In 2019, Helensburgh Community Council created a working group, Vision for
. The working group was created to gather community and visitor
information on how residents and visitors see Helensburgh and how they would like to see it flourish. The ultimate output would be to formulate a Local Place Plan. Local Place Plans are a tool for local communities to think about making their "place" better, agree on priorities, and take action (often working with others) to make change happen.

Since it began its task in 2019 Vision for Helensburgh has gathered 900 face-to-face and online feedbacks and circa 4000 comments from the community and visitors.  The feedback had an additional focus of collecting input from the whole of the community, the Royal Navy, and from those voices traditionally less heard within Helensburgh. We also listened to those visiting the area to see how others see us.

Finally, we combined these multiple viewpoints into our community's strengths to develop them and what was seen as Helensburgh's weaknesses to address them.

As part of our process, we need to ensure the validity of our findings by presenting them back to the Helensburgh community. We're well aware that the COVID pandemic may have shifted some priorities since the time of our initial questionnaire.

On the 12th and 13th March, we are holding an event at the Victoria Halls to share with the community the original and updated Vision for Helensburgh findings and gather community feedback on that. We now want to confirm how the people of Helensburgh wish to see our community develop.

As well as the Vision for Helensburgh findings, we will be hosting twenty local
community groups, all of which have been active in improving specific aspects of
life in Helensburgh. These community groups are very keen to show their achievements and plans, collect feedback on their activities and recruit community support and expertise.

Join us in the Main Hall of Victoria Halls, Sinclair Street, Helensburgh on the 12th
and 13th of March to review the questionnaire results, give us your feedback and
see the depth of community groups that are doing such good work in and around Helensburgh.

Any questions? Drop us a line and we'll do our best to answer.



  • Access Trust
  • Architecture & Design Helensburgh – Re-imagining Our Waterfront
  • Argyll and Bute Council
  • Cardross Climate Action Network
  • Helensburgh Community Council’s Vision For Helensburgh
  • Destination Helensburgh
  • Friends of Duchess Woods
  • Garelochhead Station Trust
  • Grey Matters
  • Helensburgh Community Hub
  • Helensburgh Community Woodlands Group
  • Helensburgh Golf Club – New Golf Course Development
  • Helensburgh Lawn Tennis Club
  • Helensburgh Pier - Outline for Regeneration
  • Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust
  • Jean’s Bothy
  • Live Argyll - New Pool Development
  • Plastic Free Helensburgh
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club
  • The British Legion Scotland
  • Tower Digital Arts Centre & Submarine Centre Development
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