Webinars presented by the Helensburgh Community Council

The Helensburgh Community Council has instituted a series of Webinars for the community, providing information on areas of interest and including presentations by keynote speakers. The objective is to offer a platform for discussion and debate on topics that impact our daily lives and address issues of relevance to the community.

The webinars are usually presented on a Thursday, which includes a presentation and discussion session lasting about half an hour, using Zoom as a platform for the delivery of the Webinars

A full programme of Webinars has been developed for 2021,  with the inaugural Webinar taking place on Thursday 14 January at 7:00 pm, to be delivered by  Iain Baird, grandson of John Logie Baird on Curating Television in the 21st Century.

At present over 90 people have registered to attend the Webinars. To join the Webinars please contact Tariq S Durrani, Member, Helensburgh Community Council by e-mail on:  tsdurrani@gmail.com. He will then send out invitations to attend the Webinars on ZOOM.

The Helensburgh Community Council is open to suggestions, and if you would like to propose a topic or present a Webinar, please contact Tariq Durrani, as above. 

A list of the Webinars planned to date, is given below:

Curating Television in the 21st Century
By Iain Logie Baird grandson of John Logie Baird
Thursday  14 January 2021

Henry Bell and the Comet  
by Stewart Noble, Member Helensburgh Community Council 
Thursday 4  February 2021

The Climate Change Emergency and its impact on Scotland and the Helensburgh Community
By Sarah Davies Member Helensburgh Community Council
Thursday 18 February 2021

Making Helensburgh a Plastic Free Community and Recycling for Helensburgh
By Sarah Davies and Irina Agostinelli,  Members Helensburgh Community Council. Download the notes from this webinar.
Thursday 11 March 2021

How do we protect, fund and restore Scotland's remaining and fragmented 1% of ancient woodlands?
By Audrey Baird  & Fiona Baker
Coordinator, Helensburgh & Lomond Health and Wellbeing Network
Thursday 1 April 2021

The Planning System- How it affects you 
by Stewart Noble Members Helensburgh Community Council 
Thursday 15 April 2021

By Andrew Nisbet, Chair of Live Argyll.
Thursday 6 May 2021

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