About Helensburgh Community Council

The Helensburgh Community Council is established by Government statute. Our role is to give a voice to the town community and to take whatever action is necessary for its interests. We are strictly non-political and subject to a community election process.

We believe that being clear on our vision for Helensburgh is important to understand what we're trying to achieve. Our mission which outlines how we operate on a day to day basis to achieve our vision and our values guide us on how we act on that day to day activity.

Our Vision

To sustain and grow a successful, safe and caring community by representing and serving the best interests of those people who live or invest in Helensburgh.


Our Mission

Helensburgh Community Council is the level of local government which is closest to the people.

We will use that strength to discover their needs and concerns and working together to see how they can be addressed using the resources of the community council.


Our Values

Positive Networking

Applied Expertise

Active Engagement

We will be reactive in resolving community concerns. We may not have the ability to solve every problem but we can certainly connect people to the right person and give advice in doing so. 

Helensburgh Community Council will work with and liaise with community groups in the area for the benefit of all.

We're here to offer solutions to problems, not just to highlight them. 

Using the expertise of the council we will be proactive to community challenges, providing or supporting grounded solutions that support our vision.


We'll listen to and work with all stakeholders within Helensburgh, from the people to the national government, to help sustain and grow our community.

Our members are spread across the town boundaries. We aim for a healthy mix of male and female members and we try and blend age and experience representative of our community, our retail sector and our growing Naval community. We have also co-opted a youth forum to represent the youth of the town.

We meet formally once a month and all our meetings are open to the public. We are statutory consultees on Licensing and Planning applications. We monitor the infrastructure of the town to encourage good maintenance and upkeep, particularly on cleanliness, roads and pavements.

We support local groups and initiatives promoting woodlands and parks and actively participate in periodic beach cleans and maintenance of the shrub beds in the town centre in Colquhoun Square.

We continue to sponsor town seminars, conferences, exhibitions and festivals to promote town interests and tourism.

Looking to the future we have a major initiative running on a ‘Vision for Helensburgh’ which will provide a positive image of the town, capitalising on the waterfront area. It is making good progress and will provide a definitive plan for future years.

There are strong indications that central government is seeking to devolve more authority to local levels which may change the dynamic of community councils.

If you have any further questions around Helensburgh Community Council and it's role in the community have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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