Strategy Plans Group


To assess and consider the impact of strategic plans and planning policies on Helensburgh


To review and respond to :

  1. The Argyll & Bute Council draft “Local Development Plan”, and other A&BC documents, and their impact on Helensburgh
  2. Other planning policies and documents put out for consultation by the Scottish Government and Argyll & Bute Council
  3. The implementation and execution of Argyll & Bute Council’s planning and development process as it applies to Helensburgh
  4. Any other policy documents or issue the Group considers relevant.

Methods of Working

The Group will :

  1. Will appoint its own Chair
  2. Will arrange its own meetings which are to be held in public
  3. (Can) work in partnership with other local organisations in meeting its objectives
  4. Will keep a record of its minutes and place these on the HCC website
  5. Will NOT consider individual planning applications unless relevant to Objective 3
  6. (Can) liaise directly with/respond to 3rd parties on behalf of the HCC, other than on sensitive, personal or political issues, where it has been asked specifically to report back to the full HCC or the HCC Executive Committee or where time does not permit
  7. (Can) seek assistance & advice from other local organisations/individuals
  8. Submit regular reports to the HCC as required
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