Clubs & Groups

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Clubs and Societies Contact/Website Email/Phone
Helensburgh Art Club Brian Weston  www.helensburghartclub.co.uk 01436 673706
Helensburgh Astronomical Society Alan Henderson chairman@hel-astro-sec.org.uk
Helensburgh Beach Keepers helensburghbeachkeepers@gmail.com 07979238917 / Alison Hannah
Helensburgh & District Beekeepers Association David Norton www.helensburghbees.com 01436 811318
Helensburgh Bridge Club John Traill 01436 673433
Helensburgh Burns Club www.helensburghburnsclub.com secretary@helensburghburnsclub.com
Lomond & Argyll Decorative and Fine Arts Society Olivia Burch 01436 820049
Helensburgh Dog Training Club Fiona Baker 01436 820334
Helensburgh Flower Club Roni Stephenson 01436 673066
Helensburgh Gardening Club Christine Don 01436 674724
Helensburgh & Gareloch Horticultural Society John Tacchi  01436 674549
    01389 841292
Helensburgh & District Highland Association Jim Browne
01436 268238
Helensburgh & District Model Railway Club www.helensburghdmrc.co.uk enquiries@helensburghdmrc.co.uk
Helensburgh Natural History Society Geoff Flann 01436 676022
Helensburgh Photographic Club www.helensburgh-photo.com helensburghphotographyclub@yahoo.co.uk
Helenburgh & District Quilters Leslie McGowan 01436 671965
  Ann MacEarchern 01301 702339
Helensburgh Group Royal Scottish Geographical Society www.rsgs.org 01738 455050 enquiries@rsgs.org
Helensburgh Branch Saltire Society Dr Elspeth McCartney www.saltiresociety.org.uk 01436 673403  e.mccartney@strath.ac.uk
Helensburgh Twinning Association Sue Hume www.helensburghtwinning.co.uk 01436 675358
Helensburgh Wine Society Gordon King gckinguk@yahoo.com
Helensburgh Writers Group www.helensburgh writers.co.uk 01436 820094    
Helensburgh &Lomond Fiddlers Cedarholm, 20 Millig Street Helensburgh G84 9PJ  
Music, Theatre Arts, Choirs & Dance    
Helensburgh Savoy www.helensburghsavoy.org.uk info@helensburghsavoy.org.uk
Helensburgh Orchestral Society www.h-o-s.co.uk info@h-o-s.co.uk
Helensburgh Music Society Patsy Millar www.helensburghmusicsociety.org.uk 01436 672402
Helensburgh Oratorio Choir Irene Wotherspoon irenewotherspoon@googlemail.com
  www.hoc.uk.net 01389 601171
Helensburgh Dorian Choir Pat Robertson 01389 841387
Lomond & Clyde Community Orchestra www.locco.org.org.uk j.a.knox149@btinternet.com
Helensburgh Clan Colquhoun Pipe Band John Low 07500 441592
Helensburgh Theatre Arts Club Alison Holliman / alison.holliman55@gmail.com
    01436 673187
Margaret Rose School of Dance Margaret MacInnes www.margaretroseschoolofdance.com 01436 678654 margaretroseschoolofdance@hotmail.com
Claire Burns School of Dance Facebook/ClaireBurnsSchoolOfDance 01436 676630
Trusts & Environmental Organisations    
Argyll & the Isles Coast & Countryside Trust www.act-now.org.uk info@act-now.org.uk
    01546 604309
Helensburgh & District Access Trust www.threelochsway.co.uk 01436 674922 / john@balmillig.co.uk
Helensburgh Beach Keepers helensburghbeachkeepers@gmail.com  07979238917  /                Alison Hannah
Helensburgh Green Belt Group www.hgbg.org.uk secretary@hgbg.org.uk
Friends of Duchess Wood Dr Alastair Macbeth 01436 676792
  www.duchesswood.org.uk enquiry@duchesswood.org.uk
Friends of Hermitage Park Mr Nigel Millar 01436 678794
Helensburgh Heritage Trust Rev. David Clark 01389 849319
  www.helensburgh-heritage.co.uk clarkdw@talktalk.net 
Helensburgh Heroes www.helensburghheroes.com  
Helensburgh Study Group Dr Alastair Macbeth al.macbeth@btinternet.com
Helensburgh Community Woodlands Group Mrs Kathleen Siddle 01436 678328
  www.hcwg.co.uk kathleen.ralph@virgin.net
The Tower Www.thetoweronline.com 01436 820369
Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust Elma Hannah 01436 673310
Community, Professional & Business Organisations    
Helensburgh Community Council www.helensburghcommunitycouncil.co.uk  
Helensburgh & District Chamber of Commerce Www.helensburghchamber.org 0778 9904687
Helensburgh & District Royal British Legion Scotland Irene White 01436 679701
Helensburgh & District Round Table Www.helensburghroundtable.co.uk helensburghrtbi@btinternet.com and 
Helensburgh Lions Club Brian Stephenson brian@biohot.co.uk
Helensburgh Probus Club   01436 678789
Helensburgh Rotary Club Lesley Kennedy 01436 677562
  www.rotary-ribi.org lesleykennedy@googlemail.com
Young Persons Organisations    
Helensburgh Boys Brigade Graham Smith 07810 801115
  http://helensburghcos.org/boys-brigade graham.smith215@talktalk.net
Helensburgh Girls Brigade http://helensburghcos.org/church-organisations/
Helensburgh Scouts http://sites.google.com/site/
Army Cadet Force http://armycadets.com/county/argyll-and-sutherland-highlanders-battalion-acf/our-locations  
Helensburgh Guides ))) )))
Helensburgh Brownies )))   Aileen Baird ) 01436 672487
Helensburgh Rainbows ))) )))
Air Training Corps    
Sea Cadets www.sea-cadets.org/helensburgh  
Sports Clubs, Sailing Clubs, & Recreation Organisations    
Dumbarton Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC) www.dumbartonsac.co.uk  
Ardencaple Boys Club    
G84 Junior Netball Club (all abilities 5-16 years age) Jennifer Wilkie g84juniornetballclub@hotmail.co.uk
Helensburgh Netball Club www.helensburghnetballclub.co.uk  
Helensburgh Canoe Club www.helensburghcc.org.uk  
Helensburgh Curling Club Ian McArthur  www.helcurl.wordpress.com helensburghcurling@gmail.com
Helensburgh Golf Club Www.helensburghgolfclub.co.uk thesecretary@helensburghgolfclub.co.uk
Helensburgh Amateur Swimming Club Mandy McClenaghan enquiries@helensburghasc.co.uk
Helensburgh & West Dunbartonshire Ramblers Club www.hwdramblers.me.uk 01389 731953
Helensburgh Bowling Club Www.helensburghbowlingclub.co.uk 01436 674267
    The Secretary, The Clubhouse, 
East Abercrombie Street
Helensburgh Cricket & Rugby Club Andrew Nisbet andrew@aniscon.com
Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club The Secretary             www.rnyc.com The Clubhouse Rhu
Helensburgh Hockey Club. www.helensburghhockey.com info@helensburghhockey.com
Helensburgh Sailing Club www.helensburghsailingclub.co.uk office@helensburghsailingclub.co.uk
Community Voluntary/Support Organisations    
Alzheimer's Scotland www.alzscot.org  
Gareloch Group Riding for the Disabled Association Judy Lightbody 07758 424294
  www. Garelochrda.org garelochrdasecretary@gmail.com
Helensburgh Lunch Club Marjory Barrington 01436 820484 / jm.carroll40@gmail.com
Grey Matters Alison Gildea 01436 671613
  www.argyllcommunities.org alison@argyllvoluntaryaction.org.uk
Arthritis Care www.arthritiscare.org.uk/help-and-support/branches-and-groups/314-helensburgh-branch  
British Red Cross www.redcross.org.uk/where-we-work/
Citizens Advice Bureau www.argyllandbuteCAB.org.uk 01436 679111
Carr Gomm (housing support, homecare, overnight response service) Amanda Grehan  923 440Amandagrehen@carrgomm.org
  www.carlgomm.org 01436 676240
AB Family Information Services (early years) Sheena Stewart earlyyears@argyll-bute.gov.uk
  www.scottishfamilies.gov.uk 01369 708517
AB Rape Crisis Fiona Macroberts 01396 700800
  www.ab-rc.org.uk fiona@ab-rc.org.uk
Cancer Research www.cancerresearchuk.org  
ENABLE www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/content/enable-scotland  
Helensburgh & Lomond Community Care Forum www.aliss.org/caboose/resources/461218  
Helensburgh & Lomond Disability Access Forum www.sdef.org.uk  
Helensburgh & District Chest, Heart and Stroke Club www.chss.org.uk 01436 674966
OXFAM www.oxfam.org.uk  
Helensburgh Lifeboat Station RNLI www.helensburgh-lifeboats.org.uk Colin Gardner
Sense Scotland (residential respite service for ages 0-25 years age with communication support needs) Annemarie Carson 01436 670197
  www.sensescotland.org.uk 7794072
Silver Line Www.thesilverline.org.uk 0800 4708090
RSPB www.rspb.org.uk 01436 821178
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