Vision for Helensburgh

It’s now sixteen years since the Helensburgh Study Group published their review “Helensburgh – A Town For The Future”.  Sixteen years on we are now in a recognisably different demographic, political and economic context.  Aware of these changes, Helensburgh Community Council conducted an initial ‘Vision for Helensburgh’ study in 2017, but was happy to stand back, share that research and participate within the Council’s ‘Helensburgh Making Places’ initiative that has recently been published. 

This much-awaited research report points towards many creative opportunities for Helensburgh, and the HCC’s Vision for Helensburgh group has set out to put some flesh on this new Vision for Helensburgh.  Over the coming seven months the HCC’s Vision for Helensburgh group will canvas the opinions and aspirations of local residents, businesses, community groups and visitors through online and paper-based surveys and workshops.  Please submit your online feedback on this form.

However, collecting further statistical community information is the starter - not the main course. Unlike many Community Development Plans, VfH will not be concluded by a Report.   While the HCC is no executive organisation, we are in a good position to broker partnerships with implementing bodies (ABC, granting bodies, commercial, retail, leisure) in the pursuit of the needs/wants/desires of our community. 

The Community Council is relying on strong community participation and aims to gather feedback through open engagement with all segments of our community and then present emerging themes back to the public at an open event in late Autumn.  Further opinion collected from this exhibition will then guide our focus towards those proposals that have gathered widest community support.  The aim of these subsequent Development and Delivery phases will be to attract local and external expertise, liaise with A&BC, commercial and leisure developers and seek potential funding and resources to help test out these emerging initiatives, and deliver them for our community.

What does the Community Council hope to be different after the VfH project completes?

  • Will have gathered a comprehensive cross section of community opinion
  • Bring folk together and build stronger relationships in and across the community
  • Co-design: Enable more folk to engage and bring their potential by working to address community issues and opportunities at their earliest possible stages
  • Potential to guide a future investment towards community aspirations
  • Improve the places and spaces that matter to the community

Snapshot Helensburgh

Almost everyone has a smartphone, a camera or a tablet.  We invite you - residents and visitors - to take photos of our community and send them in.  Look around, spend some time to snap your impressions - just what you see and experience in Helensburgh, its immediate environment and what makes it special.

Your snapshots of the town and surroundings will add up to a rich record of Helensburgh’s community and setting that will accompany the emerging proposals from Vision for Helensburgh at a public event in the Autumn. 

Requirements for submission:

  • Dgital images: cameras, tablets or smartphones
  • Maximum 8 images per individual submission
  • email address for submitting photos: visionforhelensburgh@gmail.com
  • jpeg format: your name in jpeg file title, or ensure your name is included in the accompanying email
  • By submitting your photographs you allow HCC to select from potential duplicates and unify formats where appropriate.   Any pictures we use will be attributed to the photographer.

(Photos on this page courtesy of Geoff Kitt.)

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